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Utilizing advanced survey technology to bring our clients the best quality at a competitive price.

Reduce Time Spent

A single drone flight models the ground with millions of data points in a fraction of the time compared to traditional surveying methods.

Access Extensive Data

4DSC has an extensive survey database and surface models that allows us to rapidly design your project, often before we ever head to the field.

Find Optimal Solutions

Our expert team works with your company to achieve the best possible solution derived using our industry leading methods.

The Region’s Widest Range of Surveying and Drone Services

Industry leading technology and years of expertise to help bring an optimal and precise solution for your surveying needs.

The Safest Surveying Option Available

Our technology provides the safest surveying solutions available by greatly reducing exposures from time spent in the field.

We are committed to doing our jobs safely and work closely with our clients to make sure we are compliant with their requirements. Our safety program meets or exceeds industry standards.  4DSC is a proud member of both PEC and ISNet World.

Who We Are

4th Dimension Surveying and Consulting, Inc, is a dynamic group of Land Surveyors, Drafters, & Drone Operators.  We believe that the best way to serve our clients is by utilizing the best technologies and survey methods available.

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