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Planning a construction project? Requesting a permit?
You'll need a land survey before you begin.

A survey to determine the region of land you own is a necessary step in the planning process of any residential or commercial construction project.

Hiring the licensed surveyors at 4th Dimension Surveying & Consulting will save you time and money by avoiding costly property encroachments. 4DSC will guide you in determining the type of survey and what deliverables you will need for your specific project. Using the latest in surveying technology, we will accurately survey your job site, research and compare to public record, and provide you with whatever deliverables and documentation you may need. Not sure where to start or what documents you will need? Call us for a free consultation!

Subdivision Platting

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Subdivision Platting

When dividing a plot of land into smaller sections, there are a multitude of requirements that subdivision law requires. From legal descriptions to easements, 4DSC is here to guide you through the complicated laws and regulations, navigating the subdivision process based on your specific needs.

Private Lot & Boundary Surveys

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Private Lot & Boundary Surveys

There are many reasons one may need a boundary, or private lot survey. Perhaps your property markings have been damaged or moved, or maybe you want to build a fence around your property. Regardless of your reason, working with 4DSC will allow you to avoid costly encroachments by pin-pointing the exact location of your property lines.

Our services allow you to complete your construction projects with confidence that everything is exactly where they should be.

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ALTA Surveys

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ALTA Surveys

When purchasing or developing a commercial property, your lender or title insurance provider may require an ALTA Survey. ALTA Surveys adhere to the rigid standards of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) determining  there are no property encroachments and establishing clear property lines.

4DSC is experienced in ALTA surveys, with the added benefit of our drones producing a highly accurate orthomosaic map clearly displaying your property.

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