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4DSC specializes in Oil and Gas Survey projects

With over a decade of combined experience working in the Oil and Gas survey industry, you can trust us to ensure the success of any project.

Utilizing the most sophisticated GIS technology available, 4DSC provides the most accurate and detailed maps possible. Let our advanced survey solutions guide your team through every step of development from planning, to building infrastructure.
Our average competitor will only provide you with a rudimentary PDF plat, while 4DSC's advanced technologies produce maps, point clouds, detailed orthomosaics and other visualizations that supply even more information and data sets. You can rely on us to provide the same deliverables that your agents are accustomed to receiving, and guide you through the possibilities and benefits of our drone technologies. Not sure where to start? What services you will need? Call us for a free consultation!

Optimized Platting

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Optimized Platting

Using our survey grade surface database and drones, 4DSC uses advanced solutions to determine optimal oil rig placement.  

We analyze multiple parameters including location, quantities, and pipeline integration to place your well site in the most advantageous spot saving you money and delivering the best solution possible.

Precision Staking

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Precision Staking

4DSC’s wide array of GPS units and Robotic Total Stations allow us to meet any degree of accuracy your project may require.  You can trust that we will precisely locate and mark appropriate survey points and elevations, through all stages of your project. Let us analyze and interpret your plans to optimize your well site, whether it be a detention pond, utility structure or road access. Guiding you through the entire construction process, from rough grading to completion, we will stake your project safely and efficiently.

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Pipeline Corridors

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Pipeline Corridors

Our advanced surveying techniques allow us to plan and develop your pipeline while determining the best possible route taking multiple parameters into account.  

Don't waste the potential of your pipeline, save time and money on your project and allow us to optimize your drill site by picking the best corridor available.


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Using 4DSC’s drones and surveying equipment we can asbuilt your site to prove quantities or assist in future planning of pad expansion or facilities.

Flowline asbuilts record the absolute location of your assets and provide an electronic file improving your Onecall response and accuracy.

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Remediation & Reclamation

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Remediation & Reclamation

Utilizing drones to model your site, we can come up with the most efficient and lasting solution to any problems your site is encountering such as erosion and ponding assisting in your SWPPP.

Additionally, we can design reclamations for your long-term recovery plans.  We have an array of drone sensors to help analyze vegetation in the area to ensure EHS compliance.

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